Revival is the heart's cry of those truly consecrated to God. Then why has revival become a catch phrase that is talked about more than it's witnessed in the Christian experience? Why Revival Still Tarries reveals that the Church is actually responsible for revival's standstill. Refusing to take up the Cross thwarts the Holy Spirit from doing what is necessary to work His will through us. Do you want to join the front lines of a new generation of prophetic evangelism? Then discover how dying-to-self is what ushers in an anointing that makes the unbeliever take notice of God's glory.

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"Chad has captured God's passionate heart for the lost in this book. Follow him from the pages of the Bible out into the streets of your own hometown and become the living "letter. . ., known and read by all men" to those around you. This book will inspire you to become creative in your proclamation of the good news so that God's banqueting table will be full. Its harvest time!" - Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Founding Pastors, New Life Church, Kelowna, BC, Founders: Praying the Bible International and Revival Now! Ministries

"Your book is a timely tool in a world on the brink of destruction and without any hope. Your words are an inspiration for me to continue to labor for the Master from the dawn to setting sun. Thanks for making the time to challenge all of us on the front lines to go a step farther behind enemy lines to reach the lost at any cost. 'NO greater love hath a man than to lay down his life for another'. Great book." - Pastor Phil Aguilar founder of Set Free World Wide Ministries and pioneer of the Los Angeles Dream Center.

"Chad Taylor is a burning fiery lamp in the wilderness of today’s religious systems. He’s a prophetic voice, awakening the hearts of men and women into passion and zeal for the lost. The heartbeat of a revivalist echoes throughout the pages of this book as he challenges all of us with a fervent call to prophetic evangelism! He ardently urges the church to invade the marketplace with signs and wonders following. Evoking memories of Leonard Ravenhill, he cuts through tradition, stirring an unquenchable fire for the harvest. If you don’t have a heart for evangelizing the lost, you will when you finish this book!" - Jill Austin, President,Master Potter Ministries

"The book 'Why Revival Still Tarries'is anchored in the Word of God but given to us by a man of God Chad Taylor who 'is' in the harvest fields today ministering Jesus to a lost and needy world. This blend makes for a powerful, life changing book. As Chad points to Jesus and the fields ripe to harvest you will be blessed, empowered and I pray baptized with Fire to reach this world for Christ. I encourage you o read this book now!" - Arthur Blessitt (The man who carries the cross around the world...) 

Chad Taylor is the real deal.  His book, "A Cry of Harvest" is a 'God-time' book that carries an anointing and impartation of power evangelism that will help bring in the Great Harvest.  I recommend it highly!" Che Ahn - Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA.

"'Why Revival Still Tarries" a timely message for the church. The harvest fields are waiting. Souls are desperately crying out for answers in days of turmoil and darkness. The church has the keys to open the doors of destiny for them, but...we must go...we cannot remain in our comfort zones within the confines of our church buildings and programs! 'Why Revival Still Tarries' will provoke you...to go!" - Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic Ministries

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(Chad's books are NOT for sale see more here)



“The prevailing spirit or tone of Chad Taylor’s newest book could be summed up in one word – passion!  I believe the Lord of the harvest is stirring His church to once again respond to His mandate to go into ALL the world.  I was deeply challenged.  Good job Chad!” - Dennis Cramer Ministries

"Chad Taylor addresses the greatest issue on the heart of God right now - the harvest. He does so with profound insight, and prophetic stirring. I highly recommend this evangelistic gem." - Bill Johnson Pastor of Bethel Church Redding, CA.

"Chad is a new breed of evangelist. He is able to reproduce his perspective in the reader, and give an insatiable hunger for seeing people come into the full invitation of salvation... Shawn Bolz Author of Keys to Heavens Economy and The Throne Room Company

"The Cry of the Harvest is right in time with what God is doing today. Chad Taylor’s heart for touching people with God’s love is contagious. Let this book ignite a fire of new hope within you to reach a generation for Jesus!" Doug Addison Author of "Prophecy, Dreams and Evangelism" 

"Chad Taylor truly reflects the Heart of God for the lost people of our time. This book will cause one to feel uncomfortable with 'normal' and passionate about the 'harvest'. The harvest was the mission of Jesus and the request he made to His followers to pray for the the Lord to send laborers into the harvest. When you read this book many will be moved from spectators to harvesters for the Glory of God. Thanks Chad for staying faithful to the historic trail of true evangelist through the centuries which began with Jesus our Lord..."Walking around the world with a cross, Arthur Blessitt.

Chad Taylor